“I have an egg production business. Lots of eggs are broken every day at the time of collection. What should I do with the broken eggs? How do I use these broken eggs to start a new business and what business should I start?”

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I’ve never met a business owner who doesn’t hate losing money. With all the time and effort you put into getting your final product, losing potential earnings at any stage can be annoying at best and ruinous at worst. Egg production is especially prone to these kinds of losses with it being normal to find cracks in up to 4% of eggs that are examined at the nest or cage.¹ For a large-scale operation this can mean thousands of lost eggs per day, and in an industry that already has razor-thin margins, you’re looking at minuscule profits if any at…

“I want to start a mobile barbershop. But the cost is too high without a loan. And even if I am able to start one, I will have too much overhead cost. Should I abandon this idea?”

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Starting a business can be a pretty difficult task. Aside from the legalities associated with registration, there are other requirements that naturally need to be met before you start operations. These can include anything from the purchasing of equipment to the hiring of staff, or sourcing of raw materials — and they all carry their own expenses. Some new business owners may not have the necessary capital on hand to cover these and may be unwilling or unable to seek a loan. This can be for a variety of reasons, but it puts the owner in a position where startup…

“When should I fire a problem customer and how do I stop them from badmouthing my business online?”

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This is an interesting and important question that many business owners don’t take the time to consider. As with any relationship, there are situations in which parting ways may be the best step forward. Even in business where it’s assumed that the first priority is always to acquire and retain customers, circumstances may still arise that justify the ‘firing’ of a customer. Determining exactly when you have arrived at this point requires the consideration of many factors, and mitigating the fallout of this decision can be even more difficult. One thing is certain though, the customer is not always right.

“How do I continue to connect with customers if my business has to remain temporarily closed during this pandemic?”

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about our way of life in a very short time, and few have struggled with this adjustment more than small businesses. Though we are well into the technology age where online shopping is the norm, in the United States, brick and mortar sales still make up 86% of transactions.¹ From food to clothes to books & magazines, many customers still prefer to make their purchases in person, and for the majority of service-based businesses, there really is no other option. The breakdown of the link between buyers and sellers is an existential problem…

I am entering the book publishing industry. All of my potential clients will be multinationals, how should that change my startup and its approach to intellectual property?”

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Intellectual property and the laws that govern it are about giving creators of intellectual work an incentive to be creative by protecting their creation from infringement or imitation. This is the basis of copyright, trademarks, and patents, but also extends to general confidential information and trade secrets. The publishing industry is especially concerned with IP due to the nature of its products, the majority of their value being intellectual. Seeing that your target market is specifically multinational companies, understanding IP law and its nuances will be important going forward. Unfortunately, a reality that the publishing industry is all too familiar…

“My business needs to grow drastically in order to become competitive. We were recently given the opportunity to acquire a smaller rival, but we do not have the necessary capital. Should I take a loan?”

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The question of if you should take a loan depends on many factors. Loans can be very useful tools when the need for new capital is immediate. Especially in times of economic downturn like the one we’re currently experiencing, small business loans are not just offered but encouraged in order to limit the damage to the economy.¹ But before considering accessibility, it’s important to consider necessity. Loans are, after all, a form of debt, which could have long-lasting implications for your business.

Breaking down your question, it appears that you are in a very competitive market in which the size…

“How do you best generate awareness and grow users organically for B2C startups?”

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The question of how to generate awareness and grow users is as old as business itself. Just as converting your first customer can be a difficult task for any budding entrepreneur, maintaining growth may require significant effort even with established businesses.

In business, the sales funnel is used to describe the process of how a potential customer navigates through their ‘customer’s journey’ when choosing to purchase your product or service.¹ The first stage in the sales funnel is Awareness, which is immediately followed by Discovery, Evaluation, Intent, Purchase, and Loyalty.² Awareness is the stage where you are making prospects aware…

“How can I improve my value proposition statement for a fruit and vegetables dehydrating business? It currently says ‘High quality shelf-stable nutritious ready to eat dried fruits with no sugar added’?”

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You’ve got a good start, but this isn’t a value proposition statement quite yet. A VPS is, in essence, a quick statement describing the unique value that your business offers.¹ For example, Uber describes itself as “the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless.”²

“How can I get new business ideas in a small or medium-sized enterprise?”

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Idea generation can be a difficult task for any entrepreneur. It often seems like every profitable idea and business opportunity has already been thought of, and the truth is that it’s quite possible. However, we live in a constantly changing world, and an opportunity that may not have existed a few years ago may very well be presenting itself today. I’m not sure if I can give you the idea that you’re looking for, but as a business consultant, I can give you the tools to find them.

The way you discover new business ideas may look different depending on…

Myself (left) & Dr. Scott Grant (right)

I was lost. In the middle of New York City. Dead phone battery, running out of time. Only one word in my mind.


They say it takes about 2 weeks for Monarch caterpillars to complete their metamorphosis, eventually emerging as butterflies. The idea of it is amazing, almost magical — the ultimate glow-up if you ask me. But I think we overlook the improbability of that story.

Shedding its skin, digesting itself, and somehow coming out with wings? I wouldn’t believe it if I saw it.

And yet we see it every day.

And yet I saw it this…

Dane McGibbon

Seeing business for what it can be. Management & Strategy Consultant. dmcgibbon@acumenpro.com

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